Club Teams

Another part of the Alabama Basketball Academy operates as a basketball club that selects, trains, and coaches teams in the spring and summer. Our club teams range in ages from 10-17 for both boys and girls.

These are not the “stereotypical travel” club teams. ABA club teams reflect the mission of our Academy. Each team is grounded in fundamentals, team play, and discipline. The philosophy that sets us apart from other club organizations is the focus on player development and team improvement. Every practice is an opportunity to improve and learn.

We have tryouts and team selection in January or February. Practices begin in February for our younger teams and February/March for our older teams. We travel to play in tournaments, host tournaments, and have local “play days”. Our season typically finishes in June or July depending on the age group.

Our goal is for all of our club team players to play in high school. For those who are talented and skilled enough to play collegiately, we are able to use the hundreds of contacts gained through our years of coaching to help them through the recruiting process.