We are excited about the start of our ABA Fall Basketball Leagues.  Our High School League will be in the 2nd year and we will have a Middle School League for the first time.  2013’s Fall League was a big success and we expect to have more interest this year.  The HS League will be compliant with the AHSAA 50% rule – no more than 3 players from one school on the same team.  The MS League does not follow the 50% rule.  Thus, we are looking for schools to put their FULL TEAMS in the Fall league.  The only requirement is that the team is not allowed to be coached by the head coach or any assistant coaches affiliated with the school.  We will also have mixed teams in the MS League for those players who choose to play with no school affiliation.

For all the details and REGISTRATION info – use the link below:

WE HAVE a HS Team Placement workout this Sunday at 3:00 p.m. at the SE YMCA – 1000 Weatherly Rd – HSV 35802